Marathon Oil Company

Case Study

In the US, the distribution of refined fuel is handled by fleets of tractor trailers. The tankers fill up at 1300 terminals nationwide and then drive to 150,000 service stations. The gasoline is blended with special additives—the mix of which is dependent on the client, location and other regulations.

This seemingly simple procedure is really quite critical. Each tanker holds $35,000 worth of fuel that is useless if the chemicals are incorrect. The terminals average about 400 refuelings a day—at 45 minutes each—so the impact is severe if an error, accident or environmental impact event occurs.

Marathon Oil Company engaged XALTER to develop VR training programs for drivers to safely and quickly load the tankers

XALTER developed a comprehensive solution to teach workers the correct skills and safety procedures for mixing chemicals and loading fuel into trucks for transport. XALTER’s Rack Load Scenario makes the process safer for employees, facilitates faster and more efficient fueling and mitigates environmental impact– all while reducing costs and waste.

XALTER delivered a high-quality VR experience that takes workers through all of the refueling steps with special emphasis on safety procedures. Different scenarios explore the correct responses to explosions, fuel leaks, vapor capture as well as mixing correct additives for each type of fuel. Importantly, workers’ actions in the scenario are recorded, aggregated and evaluated to improve the process.

XALTER’s VR training reduced fueling time and increased throughput with no accidents to date. Insights from VR data resulted in the modification of a control panel—an unexpected benefit. Marathon executives are extending the successful VR training across the company.