Port Miami

Case Study

Port of Miami is a major US seaport located in Biscayne Bay, FL. The Port covers 520 acres, handles 9.6 tons of cargo annually, and services more passengers than any other port in the world. Maintaining security at such an immense, important and strategic location is a huge challenge. Executives at the Port of Miami asked XALTER to develop a solution that demonstrates how virtual reality and remote collaboration can support ongoing surveillance and safety measures and train staff to effectively cover more ground.

XALTER scoped the project to deliver a range of experiences focused on immersive and linear training, scenario planning and rehearsal, and real time collaboration and communication.


The team developed a virtual environment of the entire Port based on 3D geographical maps overlaid with custom assets. ‘Multiplayer’ controls allowed users to simultaneously manipulate, annotate and share information across platforms. Additionally, XALTER created multiple virtual scenarios using custom 3D objects to enhance training with ‘what-if’ problem solving exercises.


The virtual Command and Control Center included live-streamed video feeds from all areas of the Port, allowing users to monitor active cameras remotely, customize the display, create visualizations that selected certain feeds, camera angles and zoom settings. Functionality to screenshot the results– including additional notes and markings—was incorporated to facilitate communications, training and preparation.


Because the system was developed as a multi-platform solution, the training and collaboration experience was made available on tablets and computers to ensure access across the enterprise. Of course the most immersive experiences were delivered on virtual reality HMDs (head mounted displays). The Port plans to purchase, scale and distribute hundreds of additional HMDs over time so that more workers are able to take advantage of the immersive training experience.

The Port of Miami executive team members were extremely happy with XALTER’s in-depth, multi-faceted solution. They report that the program’s features–remote collaboration with staff and workers device-agnostic, custom scenario rehearsal, real-time communication, 3D object control and ability to annotate screenshots– was extremely prescient in light of the current pandemic crisis. XALTER met the moment for The Port of Miami and delivered a valuable, potentially life-saving application.