Case Study
Railcar Training
Marathon Oil

The Challenge

The first challenge is the sheer size and space constraints of storing damaged and broken rail cars in the yard as training props. Not only do they take up a significant amount of physical space, but they are also expensive. Second, large fixed asset training such as railcars means significant travel expense for multiple employees to visit a training location. A third challenge of physical railcar training was the lost worker productivity for each trainee.

Our Solution

The entire system was built with a secure and private multiplayer server for Marathon Petroleum Corporation that runs on their networks. The design allowed for scalability and running multiple sessions with multiple rooms containing multiple users per room. Up to 50 trainees can join a single room without any performance degradation. Combining the sandbox experience with full multiplayer capability has created an interesting classroom use case, where instructors are taking students into the Railcar experience to discuss concepts, show examples of functionality, and use it for a variety of other tasks as a teaching aide.

The Results

Upon deploying the virtual Railcar training in Q4 2021, Marathon Petroleum has already saved tens of thousands of dollars in travel costs and lost productivity. Trainers report high levels of engagement, strong feedback from users, and a variety of unique use cases as a collaboration and communication tool to improve critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.