Case Study
VRU Training
Marathon Oil

The Challenge


Every terminal that loads gasoline is required to have a vapor recovery unit (VRU) to capture gas and vapors that the trucks return with from offloading at a station.  The impact of turning off a VRU or shutting down a terminal is up to 16 trucks per hour that cannot fill up with deliverable gasoline. These trucks can carry up to $45,000 worth of fuel each load, so the lost revenue throughput of a VRU can be up to $750,000 per hour. In short, an MRO error that causes a shutdown could delay millions of dollars in revenue throughput per day.

Our Solution

The entire system was built with a secure and private multiplayer server for Marathon Petroleum Corporation that runs on their networks and behind their firewall to allow for scalability and running multiple sessions with multiple rooms and multiple users per room.  In addition to the sandbox experience, we built 14 different MRO scenarios into the VRU that sound specific alarms and teach the user how to fix common VRU shutdown problems.

The Results

Marathon Petroleum is in final VRU testing as of Q4 2021 in preparation for deployment and data capture in 2022. Initial observations include several instances of up to 30 trainees joining the VRU virtual environment to review various instructions and trainers report high levels of engagement, strong feedback from users, and a variety of unique use cases as a collaboration and communication tool.