XALTER develops virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions that are delivered though the proprietary XALTER platform. The company has revolutionized the use of 3D modeling and simulation in training and operations support and offers measurable ROI, enhanced safety, content retention and environmental impact metrics.

Now customers can deploy multi-user and multi-platform programs anywhere in the world, gather data and derive valuable insights about their business. Scenario planning, user tracking and subsequent analytics facilitates data visualization on sophisticated dashboards that showcase business intelligence. The program benefits learners, trainers and the client company.

XALTER engineers and training professionals harness the latest research and training technology to provide clients highly individualized solutions. The platform engages learners in immersive VR/AR/MR custom training environments tailored to specific industry sectors and ensures effective knowledge acquisition and skills mastery.


Close collaboration with client stakeholders to right-size each solution to deliver quick wins and enable employee  adoption & use at scale.


Skillful blend of XR learning science and training best practices that increase employee training  scores and satisfaction up to 30%.


Aligning individual, workforce, and enterprise measurement to business outcomes to demonstrate learning and development efficiency.