Anytime Virtual Learning for Universities and Industry

Improve access, engagement and learning outcomes for training, workforce transition, and continuing education

XR-Based Immersive Training Solutions

Xalter provides educators and L&D leaders with XR-based immersive training solutions to accelerate learning, comprehension and retention for everyone – regardless of learning style. A key area of focus is technical skills and safety training in industries that operate complex equipment and processes such as oil & gas, transportation & logistics, and construction. We also create custom XR learning experiences for university degree programs and military training. Our VR learning content is designed to integrate with existing LMS and training solutions while providing custom learning scenarios to reinforce both hard and soft skills such as critical thinking, analysis, reasoning and problem-solving.

Private Industry

Learning & Development leaders are under more pressure than ever to reinvent learning to improve inclusiveness, engage remote learners, and adapt to the shifts in how Gen Z and Millennials prefer to learn.

We help L&D leaders create virtual learning experiences to improve learning outcomes across the employee lifecycle: onboarding, continuing education (upskill/reskill), and workforce transition. We design the learning experiences to integrate with existing L&D investments, technical environment and data security policies. This also includes balancing the need to “make training fun” for engagement while effective via data capture and analytics.


University educators are also under tremendous pressure to remain relevant in the face of soft enrollment numbers during COVID, and demands to bridge the generational gap between how their Millennial/Boomer instructors teach and their Gen Z students want to learn. Digitally-native students want to experience learning and holding their attention span requires immersive technology such as AR and VR.

We have years of experience combining various XR technologies to deliver classroom learning solutions in both K-12 and higher education. This includes ensuring equitable access and remote student collaboration even before COVID. Our partnership with the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology is the first of its kind to use XR technology to transform university degree tracks. The learning science insights generated during this multi-year partnership will inform everything we do across private industry and military applications.


The U.S. military owns and operates some of the most sophisticated technology in the world. The maintenance schedules and process workflows are complex and demanding. Traditional methods of training troops such as printed materials, presentations, and How-To videos simply aren’t enough – particularly for Gen Z and Millennial learners that “learn by doing” and prefer more immersive, micro-learning techniques.

Our experience developing augmented reality and virtual reality MRO training solutions for the military goes back five years (a lifetime in the XR industry) and covers a range of aircraft and weapons systems. This also includes content deployment across a range of mobile hardware devices, including headsets and smartphones.

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