Virtual Collaboration Center 

Schedule virtual rooms, invite guests, and engage in VR while saving travel time & expense.

Platform Capabilities

Our Virtual Collaboration Center (“VCC”) enables entirely new ways of connecting, collaborating, and innovating:

Multiplatform Deployment & Support

XR content for anyone, anywhere, on any device

Secure IT Integration

Deploy a secure multiplayer network behind company firewall for full IT compliance

Triple AAA Content Quality

Deploy content in 6DOF (degrees of freedom) full walk-around environments or 360 interactive video

Data Capture & Dashboards

Custom data capture & reporting to a dashboard for real time information

Multiple Input Devices

Options for hand controllers, keyboard & mouse, or full hand & finger tracking

Multi-player Capability

Invite up to 50 guests to collaborate and interact in a single virtual room

Secure Cloud Deployment

Deploy multi-user experiences behind your own secure cloud for IT compliance and secure data

Platform Overview

We take XR immersion to a whole new level by building multi-user, multi-room virtual environments that act just like physical training facilities and labs, except they are accessible anytime by anyone with credentials – regardless of their geographic location.


  • Send calendar invites with virtual meeting links to the VCC.
  • Use the “waiting room” feature to welcome guests and direct them to the virtual room you have reserved.
  • Engage with your guests via virtual avatars with full audio support for two-way conversations in addition to VR interactions.
  • Select your virtual products (“digital twins”), virtual location sites, or other experiences that you wish to share with your guests for collaboration, training, product demonstration, or virtual tour.
  • We collaborate with your SMEs to create virtual versions of your products and processes 
  • You can upload additional object libraries to interact in VR
  • Our browser-based VCC platform allows content delivery across a variety of devices such as VR headsets and laptop computers.

Turn Training from a Cost to a Strategic Investment:

  • RAttract/retain Millennial and Gen Z learners via immersive sensory experiences
  • RAnytime, anywhere access to real-time, real-life scenario training regardless of distance
  • RImprove learning measurement and analytics for demonstrating business impact