Enterprise XR: Beyond Training

For the past five years, AR and VR technologies have gained ground in healthcare, technology and industrial sectors as a superior medium for hard skill and soft skill training.  XR Research and Efficacy Data As early as 2018, global consulting firms such as Deloitte began publishing research as to the effectiveness of VR for training […]

Why VR May be an Essential Sales Enablement Tool for B2B Selling

Today’s salespeople are spending the majority of their time on activities other than sales.  Industry studies since 2017 have shown that nearly two-thirds of sales reps’ time is spent in non revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2% for functions related to selling. Sales is a complicated profession and with many tasks competing for the attention span of salespeople, […]

Why VR Training Can Improve Safety for EV Industry Workers

The global pivot in the automotive industry from fossil fuels to electricity has been accelerating in recent years, with the EU and other nations declaring goals to eliminate fossil fuel cars by 2035. While this shift may bring a positive impact on climate change, could it introduce new health and safety risks for EV workers […]

XALTER Customers Share Insights at 2021 Industrial XR Forum

The 3rd annual Industrial XR Forum saw attendees representing multiple disciplines ranging from Learning & Development and Engineering, to Research & Development and robotics. The common thread for most attendees was staying current on the latest use cases of how and where XR technology is being used to transform learning, product development, virtual collaboration, and […]

Press Release: Virtual Technology in Focus for Higher Education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Eric Covey, Assistant Director, (918) 293-5140, Eric.Covey@okstate.edu Cutting-edge, immersive learning featured in GPA Midstream Association Conference  OKMULGEE – Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and XALTER partner to transform learning in the classroom and industry by applying XR technology to create immersive learning experiences. Attendees at this year’s GPA Midstream Convention on September 26-29 in […]

XR Hardware Platforms – The Pros & Cons

When venturing into the world of corporate XR, the hardware is a very important piece of the puzzle as the choice of headset you use will determine the quality of your experience. High end headsets require a powerful computer to run, while lower end headsets like the Oculus Quest are standalone devices. In addition, there […]

The Impact of Digital Twins on the Logistics and Energy Sectors

So what exactly are they? Simply stated, a digital twin is the current representation of a product or system in a virtual simulation. Data collected from IoT sensors and ubiquitous connectivity is transformed into a spatial representation of a product or system—like a forklift, factory or warehouse—generated by a computer. A digital thread is the […]