Industry: Military

VR Training for MRO


Explore how we help military and corporate customers deploy VR to accelerate learning and improve operating efficiency.

MRO Training in VR

Virtual reality training is highly effective for maintenance and assembly technicians. Most military defense equipment contains intensive complex electromechanical systems, such as aircraft, tanks, ships and more. All are expected to operate in extreme conditions, which usually means precision maintenance schedules are required to ensure proper operation of individual troop weapons and large mechanized equipment, motor pools, and weapons systems. 

Given troop movements and rotation of MRO responsibilities, it’s critical that every operator and technician is trained consistently and efficiently – and this is where VR can be highly effective. We build VR training to support a variety of MRO use cases and military branches.

VR Training Simulation

Virtual reality helps simulate training exercises that are too rare, too expensive, or too dangerous to be done in real life. XR technologies (AR, VR, MR) can significantly reduce time and cost by recreating the conditions without endangering the agents.

With a VR headset and controllers, trainees are completely immersed and all of their senses can be stimulated to create more realistic experiences. VR also helps with decision-making and tactics in actual combat situations.

By simulating actual battlefield situations in virtual reality, the command staff can easily understand the developing situations and a series of possible outcomes and develop better battle plans.

VR Remote Collaboration

Collaboration in VR between distant sites is important today, especially as COVID has forever changed the future of work. However, videoconference tools offer limited immersion when it comes to complex tasks.

With virtual reality systems, several users can work on the same 3D models, at real scale and in real time. Remote work in VR can be instrumental when multiple military branches are sharing military assets and/or research.

Within mission contexts, this ability can allow an operator to retrieve data from a geographic location, without being physically present. This opens up new possibilities for intelligence gathering in hostile territory.