Learning Science

VR helps people improve physical tasks, mental tasks, and spatial tasks.

The Brain Science

The human brain is comprised of at least three distinctive learning centers: cognitive skills system, behavioral skills system, and emotional system.

XR technology positively impacts all three learning systems: (1) removes the need for the brain to construct a 3-dimensional dynamic mental representation from 2-dimensional images to reduce cognitive load and engage visual representation areas in the brain, (2) optimizes behavioral learning through real-time interaction and corrective feedback, and (3) engages emotions to improve situational awareness and strongly affect both cognitive and behavioral skills learning. 


VR offers several learning advantages:

  • RSafe place to fail (practice and master skills in a judgment-free environment)
  • REmotional realism (creates a strong sense of connection and retention)
  • RReal-time feedback (constructive feedback while learners immersed in each situation)
  • RScalable across a remote workforce

Industry Research

PwC conducted research to understand if VR could be designed for soft skills training (e.g. inclusive leadership) by comparing three learning modalities: classroom, e-learning, and VR learning.

The research showed that VR can help business leaders upskill their employees faster, even at a time when training budgets may be shrinking and in-person training may be off the table, as people continue to observe social distancing.

According to PwC research, VR learners were:

Faster to train than in the classroom


more confident to apply skills learned after training

more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners

more focused than their e-learning peers

Turn Training from a Cost to a Strategic Investment:

  • RAttract/retain Millennial and Gen Z learners via immersive sensory experiences
  • RAnytime, anywhere access to real-time, real-life scenario training regardless of distance
  • RImprove learning measurement and analytics for demonstrating business impact