VR Case Studies

VR Product Demo Experiences

VR Product Demo Experiences

Ditch Witch wanted to create an innovative way to demo the underground drilling capability of their new JT40 horizontal drilling product at CONEXPO and generate buyer interest as part of their sales prequalification process. XALTER created a VR demo experience to enable sales teams and dealers to accelerate lead generation and qualified buyers.


VR Product Demo Experiences

ECHO wanted to deliver a set of personalized brand and product experiences for the launch of their X Series of prosumer handheld equipment. See how XALTER created the ECHO Chamber™ to allow buyers to experience ECHO products at trade shows, special events, and dealers when physical equipment access is not possible.

Osuit Case Study XALTER

VR University Learning

Discover the virtual learning modules that XALTER created for the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology to pilot VR in the classroom as part of a Title III grant to improve education amidst COVID in 2021. The successful VR pilots have given way to a multi-year initiative to create a virtual campus (Metaversity) in 2022 that will allow students, instructors and SMEs to collaborate around the world.


MRO Training

Military aircraft technicians must be well-trained and experienced in maintenance operations to keep the fleet flightworthy and ready for deployment. Learn how XALTER built a VR training simulation for the removal and maintenance of tires on the Osprey CV-22: reading all necessary warnings, use of appropriate PPE, and mechanical dissembling the assembly.


Railcar Inspection

Railcars are an important asset in transporting fuels so inspection and maintenance are critical. Due to their sheer size and cost, dedicating rail yard space for training is expensive as is the cost of sending staff to the rail yard(s) for training. Learn how XALTER created a virtual rail yard and training simulation scenarios to enable real-time training in VR.


VRU Case Study

VRU Training

Vapor recovery units play a key role in capturing emissions in gas and oil pipelines. Proper operator and technician training is essential to keeping them operating as they should. See how XALTER created a virtual VRU for a Fortune 500 refinery operation that allows anytime, anywhere training — including OIP functions and multiple safety/alarm situations. Trainees can teleport themselves to multiple field locations to experience a live operation.


Loading Rack Training

Downstream petroleum operations includes the safe loading of up to 40,000 gallons of fuel into tanker trucks for transport to customers. Errors in fuel loading can be hazardous and terminal shutdowns can cost a million dollars per day. Learn how XALTER created a virtual rack load environment to safely train fuel loading and the unexpected safety benefits that resulted.